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About the complex

Modern 14-floors five-star hotel and residential complex

The concentration of great style and new technology. The complex is built on the basis of a monolithic reinforced concrete frame with a flood-resistant high-strength foundation. For finishing, innovative materials are used, including multilayer insulation with a thickness of 100 mm. The hotel is equipped with high-speed silent elevators with a loading capacity of 1000 kg and 650 kg.

There are 167 apartments available for purchase, both one-room and an enlarged area with free layouts. Each apartment type apartment includes a basic package:

  • Armored metal fire doors. Access is possible with an electronic card or key.
  • Finishing screed with soundproofing layer. In the bathroom/node screed with waterproofing.
  • External walls are made of concrete monolith, finished with ceramic blocks 250 mm thick and plasterboard 120 mm. Interroom walls with a thickness of 250 mm with a finish for painting.
  • Ceilings 2.85 m high from monolithic ceilings.
  • Constant supply of cold water, a boiler for heating in each apartment.
  • Combined supply and exhaust ventilation.
  • The roofing boiler provides a coolant supply for space heating. Metering devices are provided.
  • Windows and balcony doors are made of high-quality aluminum profile with double-glazed windows with protection against UV radiation.
  • Fiber optic cable high-speed Internet line on each floor.
  • Fire hydrants, water, and smoke protection systems provide fire safety.

The completion date is the second quarter of 2021.

Favorable conditions for investment in the early stages of construction

At the moment, when the construction is still in progress, you have a unique opportunity to invest in a future recreation center. The price per square meter of apartments is much lower in the early stages of construction. And the developing tourist region is guaranteed to provide an increase in the cost of housing in the area.

Stable profit from renting apartments on favorable terms from the management company

Buying apartments in Skyline Resort, you save yourself from the hassle of caring for housing, monitoring guests and financial issues. The management company will do all this. You just have to relax and make a profit.

Infrastructure - all you need in one place

The distance to the sea and its own beach is only 300 meters. Children's and sports grounds in the complex. Nearby are such spa centers as Budva, Titvat, Podgorica.

Spacious gourmet restaurant in the lobby on the ground floor

A gourmet restaurant with 40 seats is available in the lobby on the ground floor. Local chefs will surprise you with delicious dishes more than once.

Pools, SPA, fitness center

Also on the territory of the complex, there are several pools, a SPA-salon and a modern fitness center where you can relax and keep fit.

Protected area, parking and additional services

The entire territory of the hotel complex is protected by a security service and a video surveillance system. You don't have to be worried about the safety of your loved ones and guests. There is enough space for cars in a four-level underground parking.

Transport services

The management company provides additional transport services. Comfortable buses will take you and your guests to the main centers and resort places of Montenegro.